As part of the second phase of re-opening the country, Scotland has identified clinics that deal with chronic conditions as being able to open up again. That includes pain control clinics. There has been little, if any guidance, on private health care during the past 3 months, so I am taking the decision that my business falls into this category and will therefore be re-opening when the go ahead is given. 

At the beginning of all this, very little was known about the virus, but we know have much more information from scientists around the world about how this virus behaves and who is most likely at risk. Read here

I am in a fortunate situation that I work alone and so those who come for treatment are not going to be coming into contact with anybody else, other than me. I have made the time slots slightly longer to give me time to do some basic clinic hygiene in between people. I am setting out the way I shall be working once this happens below.

1) Masks:

Masks, in infectious pathogen situations, are designed to prevent an infected person passing the pathogen onto other people.

If I considered myself infected, then I would be staying at home and notifying those that were due to come for treatment, and re-arrange for a time when I was no longer infectious.

Wearing a mask for long periods of time is detrimental to the wearer's health. I consider my health paramount, when serving the community, and will not jeopardise it by wearing something that has the potential to do so. You can read Russell Blaylock MD's, (neurosurgeon) article on which I have based my decision. There are many others which I consider scientific.

Watch retired GP Dr Vernon Coleman's view on masks.

I shall not be wearing one. 

If you chose to wear a face-mask to come and see me for treatment, then I respect your choice.  I will not be asking you to do so as a requirement for treatment.

If you are seriously immunocompromised or have someone who is, at home, please contact me directly to discuss how I can adapt for your particualr situation. This is not new, it is something I would have done in the past, as I understand the need for reverse barrier nursing and it's implications in immuno-compromised people.

2) Asymptomatic carriers: On 8th June 2020, the World Health Authority declared that is was "extremly rare" that an asypmtomatic carrier of covid 19 was going to infect anyone. Studies have been performed as to the risk from an asymptomatic carrier can be read here.

3) Handwashing: I have always washed my hands before I start any treatment, so I was ahead of the game there. Possibly as a result of working on an infectious diseases ward at the height of the AIDS epidemic, and having a working understanding of the importance of handwashing long before dictated to by government.


4) Hand sanitiser: Many hand sanitisers contain a substance called triclosan. There is concern about the effects that triclosan has on hormones. It has also been linked to the possibility of causing skin cancers. There is also concern that it might give rise to anti-biotic resistance.

For these reasons I do not use hand-sanitiser, nor do I provide it for people to use in my clinic, as I value your health. Should you wish to use hand sanitiser before, during or after coming for treatment, please feel free to use your own.

5) Couch Hygiene: I have always used couch roll on my treatment couch, and will continue to do so.

Should you wish to bring a clean sheet to place on the treatment couch, again I will respect your wishes. I will be wiping down the couch in between clients with soap and water. Constantly breathing in disinfectant fumes is not something I am prepared to do, for my own lung health.

6) Door Handles: I have made one change to my practice, and that is that I ask people to remain in their cars until I ask them to come inside, and I will open the door for you. I ask that you call 01292 287827 when you arrive at the property, so that I know you are there. (You do not need to wait for me to answer the phone, caller recognition has it's uses) For those who come by bus, please do as you have always done, and use the waiting room. As the number of bus travellers is minimal, the waiting area will be hardly used. When leaving my clinic room, please allow me to open the doors for you, to limit my handle cleaning time.

7) Clothing: I am asking that people remain clothed during treatment, in light clothing, such as leggings, shorts and t-shirt.

I hope that you will see that I am taking a sensible and practical approach, based on science rather than hype or hysteria. I have asked several people in local council positions to provide the science articles that they are basing their "guidance" on. No-one has ever got back to me, so I have done my own research. Most government publications to guide us, talk about "confirmed" or "suspected" cases. If you have confirmed or suspected symptoms of not only covid 19, but any infectious disease signs, which include coughing, sore throat, temperature, aching joints, loss of smell, then please call me to reschedule & stay home until symptoms have passed. I will do the same.

May I take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of my clients who have supported me through this. I hope by the end of June I can continue to serve you and keep you able to enjoy life in whatever you want to do. Life is too short to not do those things that we enjoy.



This is taken from ScotGov website. What is highlighted is where we are at the moment. To the right, in the health and social care, under phase 2, you will see that the chronic disease management clinics is mentioned, with pain clinics. It is this that I am basing my decisions on. Clicking on the picture will link to the website for more information.

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