McTimoney Practitioner....with Over 20 years experience

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Here at A Joy of Health we are passionate about helping you to achieve the lifestyle that you want to have. With over 35 years in the health professions and getting people back to health, we are ideally placed to help you. So whatever your ache, pain, wear and tear, headache, migraine, low back pain, sciatica, arthritis or even if your doctor has told you “you need to learn to live with it”, here at A Joy of Health we aim to give you hope that we can get you back to that thing that you are passionate about.

We want to help you resolve your health issues, and that means seeking out for you, products that could help you achieve that. We are not interested in having you come back time and time again to see us, (although we would love it if you saw us as part of your health routine and preventative care,) we want you to get out there and start living life!

We will tailor make a treatment plan that is just you. It will start with an assessment of your health and lifestyle before a treatment plan is commenced. It will entail a course of classical manipulation based on the work of John McTimoney. It could include rehabilitation exercises, massage, aromatherapy, nutritional supplements and education as to what may be causing your symptoms and how you can take back your health. So call us now on 01292 287827