The People's Truth Film Showing 29th Feb 2020


In 2017 Joy started to see a range of symptoms in young women that she had not seen before, in almost 20 years of being a McTimoney Chiropractor. She started to research, and there was 1 thing in common that these young ladies had.

Now Joy is wanting to raise awareness of her findings.

Come along on Saturday 29th Feb 2020 11 am - 2 pm Dunlop Community Centre and hear:

Is what is recommended for our youth as safe as we are told?

This event will show 2 films.

The World Health Organisation tells what their safety studies are.

The parents' stories about their children in Vaxxed2 The People's Truth

Come and watch, and make your own mind up.

Q & A afterwards with Joy

Networking with local parents and grandparents.

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