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Thank you for considering coming to the "Joy of Chiropractic Health Clinic"

for your health needs. We see that money spent on your health is a real investment in yourself. For that reason we have packages designed to suit all budgets, dependent on how much you honour yourself and want to see an improvement in your health. If you have read the majority of this website you will begin to realise that health is not just about being "pain free" But if that is your need then we have our


This is the "get me out of pain" package. It is generally 2-4 treatments, including the initial Consultation and treatment at £60, and follow up treatments at £40


This is the same as the Bronze package, but we also do a follow up at 4-6 weeks after you have reached the "pain is better" stage. We find that when people are out of pain they will start to do things that may cause misalignments again, so this follow up shows you how well your body is coping with

day to day life.

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Thank you for your enquiry for an appoinment. Please note that the more flexability that you have, then the quicker it is likely that we can find a suitable appointment for you. Evening appointments fill very quickly, so please bear this in mind. This is NOT a confirmed booking. We will be in touch with an appointment time as quickly as we can. Please use the "more info" box if you have specific requirements, ie need to be finished to pick children up from school on Weds. Thank you again for considering us. Namaste and Blessings


In the gold package you really start to see the benefits on your overall health. You are commited to a change in lifestyle, which may also include changing your exercise regime and eating habits. McTimoney has become a way of life, and 3 monthly check ups are part of that lifestyle, if the demands of your life dictate. These will be pointed out to you at first Consultation. Massage will also be considered, where necessary, as a separate treatment.


This is the ultimate package, where you have committed to take a serious investment in your health. It includes the Gold Package as above but we also include supplements as nutrition is important in providing the body with the correct nutrients to aid in the healing processes. We at The Joy of Chiropractic Health Clinic will recommend dietary supplements to aid in your recovery. These are generally Green Magic (see protocol shop for more details) and Collagen supplements. We hope that you think that an investment in your health at Platinum level is worth it, because we do!

If you chose the Platinum level, then there will be a discount on treatment each time you buy Green Magic or supplememts at the same time. This discount does not apply to  "Special offers" that may be running at that time.


Initial Consultation and Treatment £60

Follow Up treatments £340 for all packages.



Pay for a course of 10 treatments in advance and receive a 20% reduction. For the average person who is new to McTimoney Chiropractic care, this is approximately a years treatment plan. Individual assessment at time of Consultation will highlight possiblility of needing a more tailored package. Terms and conditions apply. Prices correct at April 2013 and subject to an annual review.

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