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Horse Riding

Horse riding injuries

Success at the Sydney Paralympics for McTimoney Patient

“Back in 1996, as I watched competitors at the Riding for the Disabled Association dressage competition I thought I would have been proud to have ridden the test done by the last competitor. A couple of weeks later, ….. a new patient came for McTimoney Chiropractic treatment. It was the rider I had admired.


When I took Debbie Criddle’s record card, the scenario behind her achievement was nothing short of miraculous.


Debbie had a motorbike accident in 1985. She suffered many injuries, resulting in complete paralysis in her right arm, which left her with 2 plates and a plastic artery in the limb. Her right leg was fractured in 3 places so it is pinned and there are screws in the ankle. Ligaments in her right knee were damaged leading to instability and lateral rotation.


Debbie had learnt to overcome these handicaps but her spine had progressively developed a scoliosis. When she walks her weight tends to go to the left. This also happens when she rides causing the saddle to slip* to the left. She constantly checks her balance in her efforts to reduce this. Such is her vigilance that she appears straight.


Prior to her accident, Debbie had ridden horses, and started competing in 1987. She represented Great Britain at the Sydney Paralympic Games 2000, as a member of the dressage team. The team won a gold medal.”

(Reproduced with alterations, from an article by Mary Wilkinson which first appeared in “Background” The MCA Newsletter Summer 2001.)


Debbie has been receiving McTimoney Chiropractic for many years now. The gentle approach of McTimoney suits her. What is good for the rider is also good for the horse.  McTimoney Chiropractors can train to treat animals as well **(unfortunately I have not done so) but I have worked on the humans that ride, whilst colleagues work on the horse, with some quite remarkable results


Having regular McTimoney Chiropractic treatment, ensures that you are aligned correctly, which in turn means that you are sitting straight on your horse, and not causing him any harm. *Saddle slipping is a sign that the body weight is not even, which can be corrected by treating the pelvis and spine, to balance the weight.


** Richard Arthur travels up from Northumberland to treat animals and can be contacted on 01434 672219. Please mention this site when calling.


If you would like to discuss any aspects of McTimoney Chiropractic and horse riding then please contact me.                               01292 287827

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Since moving to Scotland, I have noticed that I am seeing more and more people who report having had a bad fall from a horse, often many years ago, who have suffered with a variety of aches and pains ever since. This is not surprising, physical trauma is one of the main reasons why the spine goes out of alignment. Think about it, you fall from a height of several hands, and you are dragged through hedges and around fields. Imagine if your body was a car! It stands to reason that a car would suffer some damage to it’s bodywork in the way of dents, and so does the human body, in the form of misalignments to the skeletal system.

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