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The more you understand a problem, the easier it will be to get involved and make informed choices regarding your health. We live in an information-rich environment, with easy access to gather facts to enable us to ask questions and get involved in making choices where our health is concerned. To help reduce subluxation patterns recurring, there are simple steps that you can take to help the good work that your Chiropractor does, to stay in alignment.




RunningJust as the McTimoney method of Chiropractic is a whole body treatment, so exercise should involve the whole body. Joy recommends Pilates to all her patients, as an exercise routine that Massagecan be adapted to suit practically everyone.

Brisk walking for 20 minutes every other day can help.

Massage and stretching are beneficial too. Inactivity leads to such problems such as stiffness, osteoporosis and obesity.





FruitAvoid processed foods with have high levels of sugar, salt and refined flour. Eat more raw fruit and vegetables.  It is very difficult given the farming methods of the 21st century to ensure that we are getting adequate nutrition through the fruit and vegetables that we get from the supermarket. That is why I recommend that my clients take a teaspoonful of Green Magic every morning as part of their health routine.   Green Magic is packed full of vitamins and minerals, as well as good gut bacteria, a total of 16 superfood ingredients.  You will feel the benefit of increased energy within days! I also recommend this to anybody who is going for surgery in the future to boost their immunity and to aid the healing process.




Water plays a key role in healthy joints, nerve transmission, waste removal and all bodily functions.Drink water Throughout the day, supply your body with enough water (tap). Tap water is as good as most bottled water and is environmentally friendlier.




Sleeping and healthRepairs to the body occur during sleep, so getting adequate sleep 7-8 hours a night, helps the body to repair itself and keep it healthy. Lie on your back or side, with a good supportive pillow. If you are waking with neck ache or headaches then consider investing in an orthopaedic pillow Visit our Pro.Pil.O shop, to purchase a pillow recommended by Chiropractors.  and seek the advice of a Chiropractor to check the alignment of the neck vertebrae.



SmokingNicotine, caffeine and alcohol are all toxins that pollute the body and lead to a decrease in our health levels, so reduce their consumption. Moderation in all things. Get to the correct weight for your height and maintain it. Limit your time in front of screens of any sort, television, computer, games consoles. smoking caffeine emotional stress



The root of many health problems is unresolved   emotional issues. Learn to forgive and forget. Live in the present by giving up the guilt from the past and the fear of the future. The only time that you can influence is now. How stressed are you? Do the test, courtesy of Mind Circles




Spiritual candlesTrue healing occurs on a spiritual plane, Connect with the Higher Power within You, through regular prayer, meditation and worship. It's the source of lasting results, and Miracles.







Many health problems occur from years of bad habits in the 7 areas mentioned above. It can take just as long, or longer, to make lasting changes. Keep a positive attitude and remain optimistic. I am! I have seen great changes in peoples well-being during my 18 years of being a McTimoney Chiropractor. I am amazed on an almost daily basis, of the changes that can be achieved. If you have a McTimoney story to tell, please email me with your Testimonial, and let others into the secret of the “Joy of Chiropractic, the McTimoney Way”

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